OUt now!


from Peter Pauper Press

September 2020


Nick's debut author/illustrated picture book!

Ready, set, go! The staring contest has begun and you better have your game face ready to take on the master of all staring contests! He’s never lost a game, and he doesn’t plan on starting now. He’ll use every trick in the book, so you better be ready! JUST! DON'T! BLINK!

"Solis' cocky contestant will contribute to many a reddened eyeball." 

                                                 - Kirkus Review

The Staring Contest Interactive Bookmarks

Print out these fun, interactive bookmarks! You can make yours look happy, scared, sad, or angry! Just cut out the eyebrows and have fun!

Flash Card Tower

Print out the cards and have fun playing this fantastic game! 


1. Write a word from the book on both sides of the card. Make several cards with different words and put them in the center of the table.  

2. Players take turns reading the cards. If they read it correctly, they add it to the tower. 

3. Continue until the tower falls. Whomever placed the last card before the tower fell is the winner!



from Sleeping Bear Press 

Fall 2021


There is a new girl at school with a very
interesting hobby. She collects color: bits of paper, leaves, wrappers. They all go into her
backpack. But what does she do with it all? Our narrator must find out. The Color
Collector is a story of friendship, where even the forgotten bits have a purpose.


Fall 2021


Fall 2021


from Nancy Paulsen Books

Fall 2021


Two kids from opposite sides of the border visit each other’s towns. They discover amazing foods, fun celebrations, and awesome games! But as they explore, they begin to realize they aren’t very different from each other after all. Then why does a wall divide them? In this bilingual picture book readers are invited to explore two very different cultures and discover the similarities that connect us all.

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