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from Peter Pauper Press

September 23rd, 2020


Nicholas's debut author/illustrated picture book!

Ready, set, go! The staring contest has begun and you better have your game face ready to take on the master of all staring contests! He’s never lost a game, and he doesn’t plan on starting now. He’ll use every trick in the book, so you better be ready! JUST! DON'T! BLINK!

The Staring Contest Interactive Bookmarks

Print out these fun, interactive bookmarks! You can make yours look happy, scared, sad, or angry! Just cut out the eyebrows and have fun!

Flash Card Tower

Print out the cards and have fun playing this fantastic game!



1. Write a word from the book on both sides of the card. Make several cards with different words and put them in the center of the table.  

2. Players take turns reading the cards. If they read it correctly, they add it to the tower. 

3. Continue until the tower falls. Whomever placed the last card before the tower fell is the winner!

FlashCardTower copy.jpg



"Solis’ cocky contestant will contribute to many a reddened eyeball. (Picture book. 4-10)"


"With nothing more than stark white backgrounds, bold black circles with one black dot apiece within them, and two scraggily black lines, defiance blazes forth from the pages. The scribbles transform into acrobatic eyebrows. The black circles collapse, elongate, and dance asymmetrically across an invisible face. The black dots, corralled by relentless rings of stygian darkness, seem to be able to move freely, independent of each other. This minimalist incitement to ocular hijinks joins the ranks of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and David Roberts’ sleep anarchists’ manifesto, Don’t Blink (2018), and Tom Booth’s animal flash-mob’s challenge, also called Don’t Blink (2017).  - Kirkus

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