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Gift of Literacy

Gift of Literacy in South Lake Tahoe is a program that encourages a love of reading among young children. The program is designed to increase student literacy rates and infuse books into the South Lake Tahoe community.

Through rich community partnerships and generous donors, we would like every first-grader in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District to participate in this enriching literacy program.

Gift of Literacy aims to encourage students to enjoy and be excited about reading and learning by:

Exposing them to a variety of books: Each student reads eight carefully selected titles throughout the year.
Empowering them with a choice: Each student chooses their favorite title and receives a hardbound copy of the book at the celebration.
Reinforcing the importance and enjoyment of reading: Students are split into small groups and read to by community members, sometimes even authors, at the celebration.
Introducing them to a college campus: The event is held at Lake Tahoe Community College, where the students get a glimpse of college life.
This year's Gift of Literacy will be held on Friday, May 31, 2024. First graders from South Lake Tahoe will came to LTCC's campus to receive a free book and book bag, meet the LTCC Coyote and LTCC President Jeff DeFranco, and guest author Nicholis Solis! 

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