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from Nancy Paulsen Books

August 16, 2022


Two kids from opposite sides of the border visit each other’s towns. They discover amazing foods, fun celebrations, and awesome games! But as they explore, they begin to realize they aren’t very different from each other after all. Then why does a wall divide them? In this bilingual picture book readers are invited to explore two very different cultures and discover the similarities that connect us all.

My Town Mi Pueblo 

ATTENTION TEACHERS AND READERS! Are you looking for some amazing activities to use with this book? Then look no further! My friend Stephanie Fitzpatrick, with The Book Links, has created a slide deck with some of the most awesome lessons and activities you've ever seen! From SEL to Social Studies to vocabulary instruction and even coding, this link will have you set for days! 

Additional PDF's! 

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Texas Monthly's Top 24 Texas Gifts of 2022

"This delightful new hardcover picture book, by Austin writer Nicholas Solis and Colombian illustrator Luisa Uribe, explores the beauty of border towns through two cousins, one who lives in Mexico, the other in the U.S. Although it’s recommended for three- to seven-year-olds, its message of love, respect, and acceptance is appropriate for all ages. Written in both English and Spanish—the facing pages translate each other—it’s also a great vehicle for learning another language."

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